Vitapets Cerrar

Quantitative Research Area:

  • Continuous Studies: Brand Tracking; advertising tracking; panel; audit at points of sale or check list; incognito customers; etc.
  • Ad-Hoc Studies: Image studies and brand positioning; evaluation of advertising campaigns; evaluation of concepts, products, services and packaging; consumption habits and motivations; customer satisfaction and quality of service; etc.
  • Techniques: Online surveys, phone surveys, face-to-face surveys.

Qualitative Research Area:

  • Interview and discussion techniques: Face-to-face Focus Groups, Online Focus Groups, Mini Groups, Focus Groups with Return, Kids Groups, Peer Groups, Product Clinics, Interviews
  • Techniques with an ethnographic aproach: Ethnographies at the point of sale, Ethnographies in homes, Participant and non-participating observations, Incognito clients
  • Other techniques: Life Diaries, Construction of projective techniques

Secondary Research Area:

  • Desk Research: Market sizing, competitive surveillance, worth measuring robots.
  • Business Intelligence: Analysis of internal data, Modeling, Simulation exercises.
  • Data Science: Clustering, Churn, Up-sell/Cross-sell, scoring of risks.

These analyses are aimed at generating information from the existing information both inside and outside the company with the aim of accompanying the company in the incorporation of a data-driven management.