Vitapets Cerrar


Our company is constituted by a team of varied professionals, oriented to provide the full satisfaction of the research requirements given by our clients.

Kronos has vast experience in market research nationwide, with human teams, operating continuously, from Arica to Punta Arenas.

We are a company associated with AMR, we share with the association of market researchers the passion for research, innovation as an inspiring force, and the commitment to quality in everything we do.

We have conducted research investigations with companies from various fields and industries, both for Chilean and international companies in countries like the USA, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Argentina, Brazil, and Peru.

In addition, we have coordinated numerous studies in Chile, with national coverage, and also in Peru and Spain.


We seek to establish long-term relationships with all our clients based on the dedication, closeness and involvement throughout the research process, providing support and knowledge to face new challenges.

We dedicate all of our expertise to provide a personalized service; rather than operating with standard processes, we prefer to adapt to the requirements of each client, as well as to the needs of the research.

Through rigorous work, we detect insights and opportunities that help to discern new scenarios, discover problems, test solutions, or evaluate what has been done to, ultimately, contribute together to the development of relevant solutions.


Flexibility in incorporating changes during the research process, if the context, contingency, or client so requires.

Orientation prior to the construction of the proposal of Studies, to help find the methodologies and tools that best suit what the client needs.

Work meetings, as many times as necessary: pre, during and post study. These meetings can be both remote (online) and face-to-face.

Fast ability to respond to any specific need of the client

Strict quality controls, at all stages of the study

Studio managers always available, every working day of the year to receive and answer calls, consults and customer requirements, for example: Delivery of Top Lines in case of needing immediate results (Qualitative); Progress reports of results; Application of surveys in 24 hours (Quantitative).

We go one step beyond diagnostic delivery, helping the client make strategic decisions by delivering actionable suggestions in practice.


Kronos is headquartered in the city of Santiago de Chile. This location allows us to have control over the operations of our studies throughout the country. We have a team of surveyors and field supervisors with national coverage. Including the most remote areas such as Easter Island and Cerro Sombrero (Tierra del Fuego).

In addition, thanks to strategic commercial alliances with local field teams, we can carry out studies in Peru, with national coverage throughout the whole of Peru.

  • We can work in any city in Chile and Peru (from 20 thousand inhabitants).
  • Our coverage includes public from 6 to 80 years old.
  • We cover all Socio-Economic Levels, from C1 to D, and all Educational Levels.
  • We can work questionnaires of up to 25 minutes, allowing the use of images and videos.


The company has the necessary infrastructure to carry out all kinds of studies:

  • Online survey platforms.
  • Tablets for conducting face-to-face surveys.
  • Call Center that allows the collection of data via phone with automatic system of assisted telephone surveys (CATI), with which we can store a backup of the surveys and provide remote supervision.
  • Online computer systems specially designed to access Tracking or Check List results easily.
  • Development of computer systems for process evaluation.
  • 'Spy' lenses for audiovisual recording of incognito clients, observations and ethnographies.
  • For the development of face-to-face qualitative studies, there are Focus rooms (with Gesell mirror) for group sessions, which incorporates audio and video equipment for the recording of dynamics, and an observation room. We offer the option to observe the Focus Groups online through Streaming. In addition, we work with a network of restaurants and hotels when the profile of the target group or the dynamics themselves require it.
  • For the development of online qualitative studies, we work with the Focusvision and ZOOM platforms.